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A video invitation is a short video that combines all the information you would find in a regular invitation, with all the visual excitement of film or animation!

Each of our video templates can be personalised with a photo of the birthday boy or girl, along with their name, age, and the location, date, and time of the party.

It's as simple as entering your party details in a short form and uploading a photo. You’ll need to move the photo so that the face fits within the circle shown and you can scale your photo up or down as you need to. We show you how in this short video.

Video invitations are sent to your guests digitally by email, or can be shared on social media sites like Facebook or WhatsApp. There's no paper involved, no envelopes and no postage either!

Once you've uploaded your photo and entered your party details your video is created within 60 seconds. Wait…what? Yup… Within 1 minute you have your very own sensational video invitation!

Absolutely! We want you to be 100% happy with your invitation before you buy it. You’ll see a FREE preview of your video invitation after you’ve uploaded your photo and entered your party details.

Yes! We know that it’s not always easy to find everyone’s email address. That's why you can download your video to share on Facebook and/or WhatsApp.

Just be aware that when you share your video on these sites, we cannot track your guests’ RSVPs. That is only possible via email!

However, you can manually add your guests RSVPs within your account.

We know…it sounds a bit ‘big brother”, but it’s not intrusive at all. When you send your video invitation by email, your guests are directed to a webpage where they can watch your video and press a button to either accept or decline your invitation.

Depending on which button they press, their answer (or RSVP) is displayed on your guest list within your account.

Yes you can. In fact it's one of the features we are most proud of!

You can amend your invitation at any time after purchasing it for a small fee of just £1.00. Simply head on over to your account and look for the green button that says "Amend Video for £1". Once you’ve made your changes, your video will be updated along with the details of your party.

Yes you can. Head on over to your account, click on the button that says "See Who’s Coming" and open the panel labelled "Send Reminder Email". Click the blue button and a reminder email will be automatically sent to all the guests who haven't replied yet.

Of course. We know that sometimes plans change or you just need to update your guests on some party details. Head on over to your account, click the button that says "See who's attending" and open the panel labelled "Send Party Update". Enter your message in the space provided and click "send". All of your attending guests will receive your message via email.